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Thank you for taking the time to look through my page and learn more about my photography. 

I love taking pictures and I usually have some form of a camera in hand, and always taking photos of something. There is beauty everywhere, in the smallest things, in any season. I am drawn to finding the small details and beauty that go unnoticed...anything from the details of a dandelion to architecture on an old building that is unused today.  Also, to capture a moment, a smile, a glance, etc., that when you look back on years later it stirs emotion in you. It’s a way of time-stamping our lives that go by in a blur.

I am a mom of two incredible kids that are growing too fast before my eyes. I love being their Mom - most days. ;) I wouldn’t have it any other way!! I have an amazing husband, who has been a big supporter in following my dreams. As I am his! I can’t begin to tell you how great that is. We have been married for 17 years already! We also have the best dog, that might as well be our 3rd child, a very large cat and a rabbit that our cat is afraid of despite my explanation of the hierarchy of the animal kingdom.

I offer a variety of photography services (below) and am based in Morris County, NJ.  

Family Sessions - Lifestyle (candid) - Portraits - Events/Parties ***especially good for the mom that never gets IN the pictures! - Headshots - Band/Concert - Architectural - Product/Merchandise - Pets & more...

Some other tid-bits about me: I do not like to be cold! I love to see the sunrise, but I also love to sleep in. I am an animal lover of pretty much every animal. I love to be outdoors and it’s where I find my peace. I love food, but I don’t like to cook. I love to laugh! I love to travel with my family. We all have wanderlust! I love to cuddle and play with my dog, and I love a good book!

I would love to chat with you about what you envision for your sessions!  Please reach out to me with any questions. 

Ways to contact me:  

E-mail:  keri@photographybykerilynn.com

Call/Text: 973-224-3115

Click on the "Say Hello" link to the contact page & leave a message in the contact box. I will get back to you in 24hrs, usually much less. 

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